A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together.

Nut Bolt

Cold forming is the process of forging metals at near room temperatures. In cold forming metal is formed at high speed and high pressure into tool steel or carbide dies. The cold working of the metal increases the hardness, yield, and tensile strengths. Cold Forming consistency is excellent because each part is made in the same die. Material is used at almost 100% efficiency. There is no scrap as found in machining. Because of the high productivity, the efficiency of material use, and the use of precise dies, cold headed and cold formed parts have significant cost and quality advantages. The range of possible shapes is rather broad, including heads, threads, steps, knurls, chamfers, grooves.

Flange Nut

Hex Nut

Flange Nut

Nylock Nut

Spring Nut


Rivet Nut

Cage Nut

Hex Bolt

Flange Bolt

Allen Bolt

Combi bolt

Uses and advantage of spot welding nut


  • Spot welding on sheet.
  • Mainly used for locomotive electronic
    cabinet and automotive sheet metal components.
  • Aslo used in some Otherproducts which
    are required for boarding
  • Panel welding nut structure parts


  • High production efficiency.
  • Good positioning accuracy.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Save welding electrodes and after
    playing ballast process.