Welding Electrodes

We Offer

  • Batch wise Test Certificate.
  • Standardize manufacturing process.
  • Customized Electrode as per the Customer’s Job requirement.
  • Excellent Support Service through technical advice with experience.
  • Product portfolio of Welding Consumables of International Standards.


To continuously improve our products, process, and practices by upgrading with the ever-increasing technology and demand in the welding industry. *To delight our customers beyond their expectations with our best quality and service for all the welding need. *Keep our employees happy by providing a good working environment.

About Welding Electrodes

We offers a wide range of Welding Consumables for diverse applications in industries like Steel, Shipbuilding, Construction, Transport, Offshore, Energy, Repair & Maintenance, to name a few.

Our products include Manual Metal Arc Electrodes, Welding Flux & Wires, CO2 Welding Wires, and range of special purpose welding consumables. Some of our ranges are

  • CO2 MIG Welding Wires.
  • Aluminium welding wires
  • Stainless Steel Filler Wires
  • Cast Iron Electrodes
  • Hard Facing Electrodes
  • Low Hydrogen Electrodes
  • Stainless Steel Electrodes
  • Mild Steel General Purpose Electrodes
  • High Tensile Low Alloys Steel Electrodes